Basic Inspection Forms and Processes


Inspections are typically the recurring completion of checklists by construction professionals, such as operators, foreman, superintendents and project managers. An inspection can target equipment, for example to see if a forklift is in proper working order or project safe guards are in place, such as guardrails that meet regulatory requirements.

A safety inspection looks for safety hazards and unsafe practices on a project. Inspection should:

  • Determine whether safeguards are in place
  • Examine whether equipment presents any hazards
  • Observe work practices to identify unsafe actions
  • Occasionally, gather air, water, and other samples to test for hazardous substances

Once documented, hazards can be corrected and if needed new work practices can be implemented.


Audits are typically performed less frequently than inspections. The goal of an audit is usually to assess overall compliance with one or more regulations, internal policies, or other compliance drivers. Audits are typically conducted by a third-party to the site being audited, which could include an auditor from a corporate department or an auditor completely external to the company. Audits allow a company to “self-check” to ensure policies are effective.

A safety audit evaluates safety programs and practices within an organization. Employers conducting an audit should:

  • Measure and collect information about a safety program’s reliability and effectiveness
  • Look at whether a safety program meets the company’s stated goals
  • Examine safety training and response efforts

An audit will identify deficiencies in your program allowing you to implement process improvements.

We can help you start an inspection process or conduct a third party audit of your safety managment procecess, contact a construction safety expert to get started.

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