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If you’re new to safety, recently assigned as a corporate safety director or a small specialty contractor looking at safety policies for the first time this area is for you. The basics are divided into four areas written program, training, inspections and record keeping (including disciplinary records but we will discuss this later). If implemented fully these processes will establish basic compliance and allow you to defend against any citation issued by OSHA at the state or federal level. (Please note that most policies linked to are written to address federal OSHA, more stringent requirements may exist for your state, refer to the article about State vs Federal programs for more information.)

The first step is to identify the hazards associated with the work you perform. A good place to start is with OSHA's most frequently cited standards and the focus four in construction.

Let’s get started by developing a writen program.


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Construction project safety inspections are necessary to insure the project is meeting regulatory requirements. Regular safety inspections help management ensure that safe work practices are being maintained. They also serve as a data point to help the project management team know where to focus efforts. The type and frequency of inspections needed depends on the type and scope of work being performed. This section offers links to free construction safety inspection forms and resources.

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Record Keeping

There are many individual standards that require recordkeeping. OSHA regulation requires employers to record injuries and illnesses that are a result of the work. To determine what information needs to be kept and for how review the resources in this section.

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